Lisa Oestreicher was commissioned by Matsim Properties to establish and reproduce the Frank Matcham colour palette employed in the Hippodrome auditorium in 1901.

Brighton Hippodrome

Lisa Oestreicher was commissioned by Matsim Properties to undertake architectural paint research in the Hippodrome auditorium to establish its decorative development. Following these investigations, the 1901 Frank Matcham colour scheme was uncovered and an historic colour palette created. This work formed the basis for the subsequent programme of redecoration.

The Hippodrome is a Grade II* listed theatre located in Brighton with an interesting entertainment history. Originally constructed as a circular ice rink with a large glass domed roof in 1897, the enterprise failed four years later and the building was converted into an indoor circus. The theatre architect Frank Matcham was commissioned at this time to redevelop the interior to meet the special needs of a circus, which included the elephant enclosures which still survive today. After one year the building was converted to a music hall, requiring Matcham to readapt interior once more. In the 20th century the Hippodrome has been used as variety theatre, a film and television studio, a dance venue and a bingo hall. The property closed in 2006 and remained empty and in a growing state of disrepair until the current owners undertook emergency repairs and stabilisation works in advance of conservation.